Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Нови два цитати на мои трудови

Почитувани колешки и колеги,
Сакам да ве информирам за нови два цитати на мои трудови. Имено се работи за следниве трудови:

[PDF] The Role of Nurse in Macedonian Bank for Human DNA

E Cvetkovska, M Spiroski - Maced Med Electr J, 2015
Abstract BACKGROUND: Human DNA Bank (hDNAMKD) provides deposition of a DNA
sample of an individual, and its safe and long term storage in order to provide genetic
material for medical and scientific research. The Macedonian Human DNA Bank dates ...

[PDF] Accommodation deficit in children with Down syndrome: Practical considerations for the Optometrist.

JA Little - Clinical Optometry, 2015
Down syndrome is the most common cause of intellectual impairment, and life expectancy in
this group has increased in recent decades, meaning that health care is increasingly
focused on quality of life and the management of treatable illnesses.


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